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Penetration Testing Experts in Salem, Oregon

Kelley Connect provides professional pentesting services all types of businesses in Salem, Oregon.

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Most Important Penetration Testing Steps

Conducting some type of Penetration Testing often overlooked by many companies. However, getting a good pentest is important for the protection and security of your business. Our Salem, OR Pen Test experts specialize in identifying vulnerabilities in a network. Once these vulnerabilities have been identified, our team can address the issues. Here’s an idea of how a penetration test works:

Plan & Review

Before jumping in, it’s important to sit down with the company and look over the needs and concerns. Once the kickoff meeting has been conducted, our penetration testing team will be able to plan an effective attack on the network.

Gather Information

First, a penetration testing company will gather important information about the targeted network. This is most-often done by use of public information. Whether this information comes from social networks or even the company’s very own website, the pentesting services will be much more effective after this information has been gathered.

Identify & Target

With all of the pertinent information gathered and ready to use, the experts will manually scan for vulnerabilities. If/when they find a weakness in the given network, they will know where to start.

Test & Attack

Once a weakness has been identified and documented, the next phase is to test. There are a number of different approaches that may be used. In many cases, the vulnerabilities that were identified now become confirmed.

Analyze & Review

After and during a planned attack, the best penetration testing companies will document everything. Following the attack, our team will be able to show you what we were able to access and how. Knowing this, and then taking preventative steps for future attacks, is what keeps your business secure.

Clean Up & Check Up

Real-world hackers love to come back to a successful attack. We look for back doors and hidden entries in which this could be possible. We also clean up and remove any trace of our being in the network.

The Right Penetration Testing Company?

No business wants to leave their network open to attacks.
Having a pentest done is smart and safe. Call Kelley Connect and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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