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Medford, OR Pentesting Services

The experts at Kelley Connect provide some of the the top pentest services for companies in Medford, Oregon.

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How to do a Penetration Test

Having a penetration testing firm conduct a vulnerability and security test is one of the most important services you can have done for your business. Our Medford pentesting professionals are able to identify vulnerabilities in a company. After finding a vulnerability, Kelley Connect will address the issues with you.

Curious how the best penetration testing companies work? Here’s an overview:

#1 – Identify a Weakness

The first step in identifying a vulnerability or weakness is to gather information about the target network. More often than not, this is done through sifting through public information that is freely available. And yes, you guessed it – social engineering is top of the list.

#2 – Craft an Attack

In order for a pentest to truly show you what vulnerabilities and weaknesses are out there, our pentesting services include in-depth research and a well thought out attack on the network.

#3 – Test the Attack

This is where our team is able to put their plan into action. With the attack designed specifically for the targeted network, a hacker (in this case, Kelley Connect) will now be able to exploit any vulnerabilities and conduct the attack.

#4 – Document the Weakness

Because hackers are notorious for coming back, successful attacks are documented and the path that exploited any weakness is going to be used again. A good hacker, and therefore the top penetration testing companies, will identify steps that will leave this door open for further attacks.

#5 – Conduct the Attack

While conducting the attack on the network, Kelley Connect will document any and all vulnerabilities and weaknesses that have been identified. Afterword, these can and will be addressed for future security.

#6 – The Clean Up

After successfully penetrating a network, a hacker will hide all evidence that he was there. He wants your information, but he doesn’t want you to know that he has it. But just because he got your information this time, it doesn’t mean that he wont’t be back again. We look for, and identify, any path back into the system that can be made.

Is Kelley Connect The Right Penetration Testing Company?

Not every Pentesting company conducts the same services.
If have concerns about the security of your network, give Kelley Connect a call.

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