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Don’t let print services be a barrier to learning.

Kelley Connect’s Managed Print Services streamlines all those different printers hidden across campus into one smooth workflow to maximize efficiency and reduce the burden on staff so they can concentrate on what matters most – helping students learn.

Cyber Threats

It’s hard to embrace the digital age with a printer from 2002.

Create a printer fleet worthy of the digital age. It starts with our assessments, which provide broader knowledge of your overall print environment – the first step to creating workflow efficiencies that free ​staff to focus on delivering an education worthy of the 21st-Century.


When was the last time you ensured each device is where you think it is? Or that each device still meets the needs of the end users? Our managed print service solutions begin with an on-site assessment of your entire printing device landscape. We walk the district, look under the desks of the classrooms, review, assess and share the data so you have all the information needed to make a sound decision on your MPS needs.

Streamline Printing

Our managed print services are an effective way to streamline your company’s printing without suffering from unnecessary limitations. This solution covers a combination of service, supply and hardware needs, and is custom-designed based on your unique business. This makes it incredibly easy to properly budget and manage your printing costs.

Mobile Print Services

Given the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, it only makes sense that so many of our partners want to use them to manage their printing needs. This kind of added agility allows them to continue supporting their schools’ normal functions no matter where they are. When designing the mobile print services offered at Kelley Connect, we focused in on the needs of IT administrators.

“They found printers that could go to a brewery and order a beer since they were 22 years old. But they took all the info, reserved judgment, and just provided data. Raw data. Because they know the district is concerned about budget, and our job is to make decisions based on quantitative data. That’s how change occurs here.”

Chris Nitti,
Digital Age Coordinator, Hoquiam School District

“With Kelley Connect, I can call right now, and they’re here in ten minutes to help with whatever. I feel like they care.”

Chris Olsen,
Owner/Operator, Minuteman Press

“They know all of the software and taught me everything I could possibly need. And if I don’t know something, I can call our rep, and if he doesn’t know, he’ll find someone for me who does. They have gone above and beyond.”

Kassie Hansen,
Digital Print Specialist, University of Portland

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