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Whip up a batch of surprising ROIs.

Kelley Connect brings the right mail and distribution solution ingredients into the mix to deliver custom sending options you need to increase efficiency, maximize cost savings, and secure valuable earned rebates.

Cyber Threats

Light switches can turn off. Your mailing and shipping processes cannot. Here’s why.

Whoever you serve, they’re entrusting you to deliver what they need, when they need it. Kelley Connect customizes sending solutions you can count on, designed for always-on performance to meet your business needs – and keep your promises. Our assessments including maximizing ROI through cost savings, discounts, and rebates.

Ship Parcels,
Packages & Flats

Innovative solutions take the complexity out of managing your shipping processes.

Postage Meters/SaaS Postage Payment Solutions

Expense management simplified. Consolidated account views and reporting to stay in control. From a couple of pieces a day to thousands, we have options that save you labor and help lower postage processing costs.

Multi Carrier
Sending Option

Simple, single methodology for shipping anything that streamlines the process lowers carrier costs.

Automated Carrier
Invoice Auditing

Recover costs with no effort on your part. Our partners experience savings between 5% – 15% off parcel shipping costs.

“We linked with Kelley Connect, and they looked at our situation and simply provided the right machine. It does the same job, but reliably and efficiently. Here’s the key, if there is a problem, they’re available on the phone right away, and if we need a service technician, they’re there the same day.”

Ron Bynum, IS Specialist/IT Specialist,
Progressions Credit Union

“Kelley Connect looked at our situation and said we could do better and save money. Now we can process mail every day without fault, the control is back in our hands, it doesn’t cost any additional time, and there’s a big line item off the expense sheet.

Eric Seitz, Purchasing & Supply Technician, Central Services, Missoula County

“I wouldn’t change the mailing solutions Kelley Connect set up for anything in the world. Well, maybe if they had a machine that operated purely off eye contact.”

John Blasier, Communications Technologist,
Compass Health

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