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Security Operations Center, Ransomeware Prevention, Managed Threat Detection, Security Awareness Training, Phishing

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Choosing a partner to keep your network secure and ensure you are always compliant can be tough. With our team’s experience and advancement with technology the decision is simple, Kelley Connect. We have the tools to keep your network and infrastructure secure.

No matter what industry you are in, ensuring your business is compliant with standards and regulations is extremely important.

Kelley Connect completes a thorough network assessment geared towards the specific regulatory compliance rules your business is bound by, (HIPAA, PCI, etc.). Kelley Connect will search for areas of non-compliance and provide a report of findings and recommendations that identifies risks, potential impact, and urgency. Not following compliance standards can lead to hefty fines and loss of important information, but don’t worry, we can help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Phishing Prevention

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails that pretend to be from reputable individuals or companies in order to trick people into revealing personal information, like passwords and credit card numbers. Phishing has gotten very sophisticated, often using personal information and at first glance looking like it is coming from PayPal, Apple, or another service you regularly use or rely on. Kelley Connect monitors all incoming email for phishing attempts, blocks the vast majority of the attempts and warns you if something looks suspicious before you open it.


Ransomware prevention and testing. Ransomware is a type of malware that makes its way onto your network or computer. It generally threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. Effectively, it could hold your data hostage for extortion. Kelley Connect’s cybersecurity team is constantly identifying and blocking ransomware and testing system vulnerabilities. The fact is most systems are pretty good. But then, so are the bad guys these days.

Security Awareness Training

Although we will be there to support all potential breaches and patch up any holes, some little adjustments in employee behavior can help eliminate threats before they even happen. Our Kelley Connect team will help with password management, recognizing phishing scams, information entry- investing a little time in behavioral modification can help keep the business and all your employees and their information as safe as possible.

Security Operations Center

Kelley Connect sets up a customized security and protection center for your business based around your network’s cloud and broader internet engagement. When the SOC is in place, it allows us to not only detect, but assess and track the damage a piece of malware and fix the problem by watching what it is trying to do.

Managed Threat Detection

Your Kelley Connect IT support team will get threat notifications and watch the wires for both known and heretofore unknown threats to cybersecurity. Our network will keep an eye on threatening situations and manage your network properly, so you don’t need to think about it.

Enhanced Security Through Preventative Measures

Kelley Connect works with industry-leading security companies, like SOPHOS, to provide products and services that put your network in the safest possible position to prevent security breaches. We have developed extensive security plans for current clients and look forward to building one for you that will ensure your network and data are not vulnerable to breaches and hackings.

A HIPAA Compliance Risk Analysis, which is a requirement of the EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Program and the first step in an organization’s HIPAA compliance efforts, includes:

Identification of confidentiality and integrity risk, and availability of Protected Health Information (PHI)

Complete Inventory of all systems that store, receive, maintain or transmit Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI)

Assessment of current security measures

Identification of recommended controls to safeguard ePHI

Identification of potential threats and vulnerabilities

Determination of likelihood and impact of threat occurrence

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