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Let us manage your technology.

As a managed services provider, we simplify your experience
with technology so you can focus on your business.

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Professional IT Support & Services

We provide technology services and solutions. That means we assess, consult, implement and support your IT infrastructure to achieve business results. Before recommending any of our managed IT services, we ensure your business objectives are
identified and a solution is tailor-made for your business.


Cybersecurity means letting us help you assess threat levels in the ever-evolving world of remote workspaces and ransomware. Most of our partners will tell you it didn’t seem that important until it really, really was. As the bad guys are getting better at what they do, we will help make sure the business’ (wherever it is being done) system is even better than that.

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Networking & Wireless

It’s always been important to make sure work devices are able to talk to each other. It’s now even more important, especially when it needs to happen while someone is binge-watching three seasons of real crime dramas in the next room. Home or office, or the newly-minted home office, let us boost your network and wireless capability so no one looks like Max Headroom during a work video conference. Kelley Connect will help.

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Microsoft 365

The Microsoft network of cloud-based services we manage for our partners is extensive, and a managed cloud option with Kelley Connect means administered data backups, antivirus protocols, anti-malware, disaster recovery, load balancing, all in addition to the platforms your teams work on every day. Each deployment includes complimentary monitoring tools, and high-performance storage and servers.

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Data Backup & Recovery

An ounce of prevention will save pounding your head in frustration. We doctored up an old adage because it’s never been more true. Let us help protect and store your information. Redundancy can be wonderful. Let us back up your data before you wish you backed up your data. And if something happens before that, we’ll be there to help try and get everything back.

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VoIP Phones

There are a number of systems and support Kelley Connect team members can activate that make navigating a business through VoIP phone options goes smoothly. Obviously, any type of business needs plenty of services, and probably twice as many that they don’t. If VoIP is in the future for your business, let Kelley Connect help you to march into that future confidently.

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Websites & Hosting

It’s never been easier to develop a beautiful and effective internet presence for businesses. Or just to make your business look as great as a multinational corporation. From templates to choose from to hosting platforms, from informational to retail support, Kelley Connect can create, fix or promote a web presence just as way you want to be seen.

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How We Do It

One Touch Resolution

Your issues need immediate attention. Our One-Touch Resolution system reduces downtime and improves employee performance.

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Business Objectives

Your unique business imperatives drive our industry experts to develop tailor-made solutions for the best fit for your business.

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Our experience team of Technicians and Engineers has the pulse of technology changes by earning latest certifications.

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Technology Planning

Partnering with our advisors and utilizing our industry-leading Strategic Technology Planning process puts the focus on your business goals.

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