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Case Study: Home Quest Realty

“We needed our new office up and running on a very tight timeline and we lacked the bandwidth and expertise to handle the whole project in-house. Kelley Connect was able to provide the detailed project and vendor management – as well as the installation of our business technology – saving us days of extra work and stress, and allowing us to stay focused on our clients.”

– Ellie George, Owner

The Problem

Home Quest Realty needed to move fast to take advantage of an expansion opportunity. They had an option to open a second location in Grants Pass, and wanted to have the new office open in just one week. There were a number of vendors and technical installations that needed to come together in order to accomplish this.

The Solution

Home Quest was able to make one phone call to Kelley Connect to kick off this project. Kelley Connect contacted the vendors needed and coordinated the installations of the internet service, printing services and more. Plus, Kelley Connect was able to install the loaner hardware that was needed to setup the network while a permanent solution was ordered. The project was successful in meeting the client’s needs and deadlines, and the new office was open the following Monday as planned.

The Benefits

Home Quest was able to carry on with business as usual while Kelley Connect took on the tasks and coordination to get this new office up and running.

The stress and worry of all the moving pieces and timeframes was removed from Home Quest and managed by Kelley Connect.

Home Quest was very pleased at the success of such a large project completed in such a tight timeframe. Now they are up and running in a beautiful new office. We are honored to be partnered with a growing company who is a clear leader in their industry.