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Paperwork Becoming Too Taxing? We Can Help!

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It’s impossible to imagine Government Agencies functioning without paper, even in the digital age. Licenses, permits, and forms are three of the most common ways citizens communicate with government agencies, and even with online versions, paper still plays a big role.

This tradition of relying on paper documents comes with a number of problems, though. Even when things run smoothly, these documents may represent unnecessary overhead and even operational bottlenecks that simply go unnoticed for years.

Common Challenges That Face Government Agencies

Every government agency, office, and department has its own set of unique challenges. These may even change from one year to the next. At Kelley Connect, we’ve identified four common examples that our government clients have all faced to some degree or another.

Reduced Budgets

Government agencies can have their budgets reduced for any number of reasons. Whatever the case, the upshot is that they all of a sudden need to produce the same results with less money. In some cases, the agency may already be under pressure to improve their performance, as well.

Data Security

It’s no secret that cybercriminals are constantly attacking government agencies. This includes highly trained hackers employed by other governments. Any weakness in a government agency’s defenses will quickly turn into an opportunity for the wrong sorts of people.

Transitioning to Digital Data

While we are moving into a paperless world, many government agencies are stuck following outdated protocols that tie them to data in the form of hardcopies. These practices not only hinder an agency’s best efforts at efficiency, they can open the organization to security threats. Even many agencies that have begun relying primarily on digital formats still have a backlog of hardcopies that anchor them to the past.

Regulatory Requirements

While regulatory requirements come from the government, that doesn’t make these agencies any less accountable for following the letter of the law where these rules are concerned. Given the authority they have and the aforementioned data they store, government agencies must follow a large number of regulations or face serious ramifications.

If your agency is facing one or more of these problems, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin tackling these challenges. Fortunately, Kelley Connect has years of experience helping government agencies in the same exact position.

Kelley Connect’s Solutions For Government Agencies

We never recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to our clients. That said, some combination of Kelley Connect supplied services tends to best suit government agencies in need of our help.

Printing Hardware And Software Solutions

Kelley Connect represents some of the leading manufacturers in the areas of print and print solutions, from multi-function printing and copying solutions to desktop printers that can fit in any environment.

Just as important, the solutions that come with these products help streamline processes like scanning and document retention offering significant process improvements. Many of the manufacturers Kelley Connect represents have State and GSA contracts in place for acquiring these solutions.

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Managed Print Services

Don’t waste resources tracking your printing supplies, placing orders, or monitoring the performance of your equipment. With our managed print services, we’ll do all of this for you remotely. It’s like having one of our printing professionals inside your agency at all times.

Our managed print programs give our clients peace of mind. They know they can rely on us to provide all of the service and supplies needed to keep their operations running efficiently, allowing others in your organization to focus on what they were hired to do.

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Secure File Based Processing To Meet Regulatory Needs

Privacy rules make the process of communication through mailstream a challenge, as the wrong information in the wrong hands is a costly proposition, and making sure this doesn’t happen can be a labor intensive process. With file based processing of statements and communication, we can help ensure that the right information is in the right recipient envelope and eliminate these potential mistakes, potentially saving thousands of dollars in lawsuits and fines.

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Document Management

Don’t put off the digital transition any longer.

We can automate the entire process so your normal operations aren’t affected. At the same time, the result will include the ability to access digital versions of your important hardcopies (including those from the past) and auditing protocols to ensure these documents remain safe.

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Let Kelley Connect Improve Your Government Agency’s Performance

The road to better performance doesn’t have to be an intimidating one. By working with Kelley Connect, you’ll benefit from our years of experience. We’ll carry out an assessment of your needs and design a roadmap for your agency to take for improved performance. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your organization reach its potential.

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