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Engineers have unique needs when it comes to their copiers, printers, plotters, and imaging devices. Not only do engineers often need wide-format prints of high-resolution imagery, they also need to use those images to communicate effectively with their clients and with subcontractors.

Typical Problems That Engineering Firms Often Face

Whether creating new products or designing a unique project, there are multiple imaging concerns that engineers commonly face when coming up with designs to meet their clients’ demands. These problems often center around wide format plotters for engineering firms:

Obsolete Equipment

Engineering firms that operate their own in-house printing processes rarely maintain the latest equipment. As equipment ages, it becomes harder to maintain and repair, and replacement parts become more difficult to find.

Digital Compatibility

Many of the processes that go into creating engineering designs are digital. Yet engineers still need to print them onto large, wide-format documents. This becomes a problem when the wide format plotter is not compatible with the software render. As a result, many engineers call on print services for engineering firms.

Document Security

Engineers need to keep their prototypes, plans, and other designs strictly confidential. Those that manage in-house printing services often find it difficult to maintain best-in-class security.

Distribution and Logistics

Engineers often have to mail large wide-format documents across the country. Without the right mailing solutions for engineering firms, many are overpaying for expensive freight and parcel shipping rates.

How Kelley Helps Engineers Cut Costs & Improve Productivity

As a provider of managed services for engineering firms, Kelley Connect has the expertise and equipment engineers look for when completing major projects. Some of the wide format documents that we help engineers create include:

  • Product renders
  • Electrical circuit graphs
  • CAD drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Gannt Charts
  • High volume production print orders

We can help engineers acquire and maintain their own wide format plotter equipment, giving expert advice on the pros and cons of the latest options on the market. We are also highly capable print service providers, offering low rates to engineers who prefer to outsource their imaging needs.

Kelley Connect Partnerships Make Engineering Easier

Whether our clients need wide format plotters, or one-time print services for engineering firms, Kelley Connect relies on partnerships with world-class manufacturers to deliver value. These partnerships allow us to help engineers get jobs done better and more efficiently.

HP Wide Format Imaging Equipment

One of the most respected names in wide format printing is HP. We use HP DesignJet and PageWide XL plotters to satisfy even the most challenging project demands. When our clients need wide format printers for engineering firms, we guide them to the best possible hardware for the job.

One of the benefits that HP PageWide XL printers provide engineers is compatibility with multiple media types. Print your engineering renders on damage-resistant vinyl media that you can ship across the country without fear. Our team’s expertise is critical for identifying the best-priced consumables for your imaging hardware.

Cutting Edge Mailing Solutions for Engineering Firms

When engineers need to send wide format documents through the mail, they often lose out on savings they could otherwise enjoy. Leveraging the latest mailing technology is key to spending less on document logistics.

We don’t just sell postage meters and mailing machines. Kelley Connect concentrates on providing engineers consolidated mailing solutions that fits complex workflows precisely. Trust our guidance comparing multiple products from partners like Pitney Bowes, Formax, and Quadient to provide best-in-class mailing solutions for engineering firms.

Why Choose Kelley
for Wide-Format Printing

Kelley is all about improving efficiency, reducing waste, and boosting client satisfaction. Our managed print services transform engineering firms into highly effective service providers with key improvements in five fields:

Expert Service on Demand

You don’t have to hire your own IT team to take care of your plan printing and blueprint printing needs. Our team will do it for you.

Reduced Document Costs

We put efficient plans in motion to reduce the cost of document printing and pass those savings on to our customers.

Improved Flexibility

When your engineering team gets to spend more time on engineering and less time on IT, everyone wins.

Dependable Archiving

Keep your archived documents secure in our disaster-proof storage archives. Protect your intellectual property rights with benchmark archival security.

Readymade Versioning

With Kelley Connect handling managed print services for your engineering firm, you have access to the latest version of your documents on-demand.

Have Kelley Connect Print Services Transform Your Engineering Firm

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your engineering firm with world-class imaging expertise from Kelley Connect. From printers and copiers for engineering firms to managed print solutions, we give your team access to the imaging solutions it needs for efficient plan printing, blueprint printing, and mailing.

Make your plans as clear and precise as your client’s needs require. Rely on Kelley Connect to gain access to the equipment you need.

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