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A lot goes into running a successful educational institution.

Among other things, there is the endless supply of student information and data that must be documented, secured, and stored. These demands often prove to be too much of a challenge for many schools. As a result, their ability to serve their students suffers.

Common Challenges Educational Institutions Face

While every educational organization is unique, most of them face some combination of the following challenges:

  • Keeping Pace with Improved Technology – As technology improves, students expect their schools to adapt. However, even the best forms of technology can create bottlenecks if the staff doesn’t understand how to implement, configure, and use them.
  • Growing Student Enrollment – While it may seem like a great problem to have, it’s still a problem. Greater amounts of students place greater demands on institutions.
  • Reduced Budgets – Unfortunately, many schools find they need to make dramatic adjustments due to dramatic cuts to their budgets.
  • Securing Student Data – Personal data is a hot commodity among criminals. Schools that fail to secure their students’ information can face lawsuits and costly damage to their reputations.
  • Making the Leap from Hard Copy to Digital – Over time, schools can become buried in paper documents and the processes that create them, making the switch to digital that much harder.
  • Outmoded Workflows – Just like with technology, schools need to constantly update their workflows or risk relying on outdated solutions. Although these challenges have the potential to become much greater problems, Kelley Connect offers a number of solutions that ensure your institution will avoid negative consequences and thrive.

How Kelley Connect Can Help Your
Educational Institution

The following are the four main services we recommend to our clients in the educational field.

Printing Hardware And Software Solutions

Kelley Connect represents some of the leading manufacturers in the areas of print and print solutions, from multi-function printing and copying solutions to desktop printers that can fit in any environment. Just as important, the solutions that come with these products help streamline processes for the educational markets, including solutions to assist in student testing and scoring of results.

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Printing Services for Education

Does your school or educational facility require custom banners or laminating services? Let the print services team at Kelley Connect provide the one-of-a-kind signage and documents that you need. Whether you work in K-12 or higher education, we have the expertise and technology to deliver laminated or bound documents, and banners.

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Document Management

Kelley Connect has been awarded Contract 17-02 through WSIPC for providing Document Management solutions to the education marketplace. Let Kelley Connect help your institution move away from hard copy documents and into the digital age. We can automate the entire process, from capturing the documents to later accessing them with ease. Our document management services are bolstered by partnerships with DocuWare, Treeno Enterprise Document Management, and ABBYY Software.

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Managed Network Services

Operational continuity is just as important for schools as it is for major corporations. Our managed network services will ensure your institution’s records are safe and secure. If you’ve been putting off creating the type of network your school needs to meet its potential because you lack the necessary IT staff, our help desk service is the solution. It includes everything from asset management and utilization to automated threat alerts to event log monitoring and much more. Local onsite support is available, as well.

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Managed Print Services

Our managed print services ensure your school can focus on its students while we handle all of your printing needs. This solution can consist of services, supplies, and hardware, depending on what our clients need.

We understand that academic institutions need to be very careful with their budgets, which is why this kind of customized approach has become so popular.

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Sending and Distribution

Much of the task of any Educational Institution is communicating to students and families. Kelley Connect offers solutions for digital and physical distribution options, including mailing and paper handling solutions that streamline those processes to lower labor and postage costs.

Done right, this communication will enhance the student/family experience by keeping them up to date on all opportunities.

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Even if you’re not sure where you need to begin with your academic institution, Kelley Connect can help. Contact us today. We’d love to hear about your school’s unique requirements and further explain how our solutions will work to your benefit.

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