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Modern companies are relying on paperless solutions to streamline workflows and provide greater document security and flexibility. However, making the switch to a workplace that relies more on electronic documents and less on paper can be a challenge for most organizations. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is that most businesses think that electronic document management is cost prohibitive and inconvenient. While EDMS require an initial investment, the ROI is far greater over time, and there are several cost effective document management solutions to consider.

Our team has provided key information on available software solutions, industry-specific advice, and document security implementation. Click into each section and learn more about the key aspects of document management services and solutions available through Kelley Connect below. Then contact our team to schedule an assessment of your current workflows. A better way of doing business is right around the corner with us!

Document Retention

Kelley Connect can even help your company create appropriate document retention policies. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there is a plan in place for your important information.

Among other things, these policies will outline who has access to which documents. Security measures will be implemented so only approved parties have this access. Then, logs will be kept to record whenever these documents are viewed by approved parties.

These policies will also include auditing protocols, so you can rest assure that the document retention practices your company relies on are being followed.

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